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Identification of Market Operator and Marketing Chanels in Fish Landing Center A study case in Lhok Pawoh fish landing center
Asbahrul Amri; Bakruddin Anhar; Muhammad Ramaditya

South Aceh Polytechnic


Marine and fisheries sectors are the important sector in Aceh Province where most of Acehnese depended on this sector for their livelihood. As the result, the existing big potential market on this sector need to be studied in order to know how the market being organize, especially fish that landed in PPI Lhok Pawoh. The study aims to identify the market operators and marketing channels that used to sell fish which landed in PPI Lhok Pawoh by fisherman. The study was conducted in PPI Lhok Pawoh, Sawang Sub-district, South Aceh District and followed qualitative and quantitative of data collection which are interview, focus group discussion and observation. It is found that there are 5 types of market operator and 5 marketing channels. Market operators consist of Toke bangku, Toke ikan, Muge besar, Muge lapak, and Muge motor. In addition, the five marketing channels indicates that all fish landed in PPI Lhok Pawoh is marketed within and outside of South Aceh District.

Keywords: market operator; marketing channel; fish marketing; PPI Lhok Pawoh

Topic: Marketing


Conference: Annual International Conference on Management Research (AICMAR 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Muhammad Ramaditya)

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