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A comparative study of indonesians perspective about common insurance and sharia insurance as strategy to develop insurance business
Finna Arum Wardani and Belindha Ayu Ardhani

Airlangga University


A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF INDONESIAN-S PERSPECTIVE ABOUT COMMON INSURANCE AND SHARIA INSURANCE AS STRATEGY TO DEVELOP INSURANCE BUSINESS Finna Arum Wardani, Belindha Ayu Ardhani Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya ABSTRACT The insurance business has good prospects nowadayas. It-s not only related to anticipation for unexpected accidents, but also financial security. In fact, this prospects is not linear with many cases which happen in several well-known insurance industries. Some of them who involved in fraud cases are caused by still having the stigma of looking for the highest premiums. Therefore, many of them don-t work in accordance with the standards. It affects to harm the consumers. This is evidenced by data from YLKI (Indonesian Consumers Foundation) that insurance complaints are ranked 7th or as many as 32 cases with 53 people of them claim rejected by insurance companies. The reason for the rejection is the majority because of unclear product information and service when making complicated claims. It certainly decreases public confidence in insurance services. Based on the problem above, this research has a goal to find out the publics views on insurance with general principles which is also compared with the perspective about sharia insurance to determine which principle is better developed in Indonesia. This study uses primary data with samples of the residents of Surabaya region and with descriptive statistical methods. This research is done to be a reference for stakeholders to develop the insurance business according to the needs and expectations of the community.

Keywords: Sharia Insurance, Community Perspective, Insurance Business.

Topic: International Conference of Islamic Economic and Financial Inclusion


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Finna Arum Wardani)

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