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Feasibility Analysis of the 55 MWe Gedongsongo Geothermal Power Plant Project
Arizona Yoris W(1*), Eko Widi (2) , Ady Setya (3), Padlil Iswahyu (4), Fefria T. (5)

1,3,4,5) Petroleum Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Mineral Technology, UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta Jln SWK Ring Road Utara Condong Catur 55283;
PT PLN (Persero), Jl. Truno Joyo Blok M1 no 135 Jakarta Selatan

2) Petroleum Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Mineral Technology, UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta Jln SWK Ring Road Utara Condong Catur 55283


Geothermal is a potential renewable energy source to be developed in Indonesia. Indonesias geothermal energy potential is recorded at 28,579 MW, but has only been utilized for electricity generation of around 1,948.5 MW. Investment in geothermal power plants is an investment that is capital intensive with high investment risk factors. This study aims to determine the financial feasibility of investing in geothermal power plants in the Gedongsongo geothermal field with 55 MWe of potential electrical energy. In addition, research is conducted to find out from the beginning of the project implementation to the end of the projects economic life and to determine the feasibility level of financial feasibility of investment in the project. The results of investment analysis use sensitivity analysis, indicating that price movements in project calculations have a large influence on changes in NPV. Sensitivity analysis is carried out on several parameters that affect the project value (in the form of NPV) with a Low Case of 70% parameter value and High Case of 130%. The inflation rate for operating costs such as O & M, Make Up Well Drilling and Overhaul is assumed to be 2% per year. Project financing is assumed to originate from personal capital of 30% and loans of 70% with interest rates (interest) of 4% per year. To get the value of the internal rate of return on personal capital or the Equity Internal Rate of Return in accordance with PLN standards of 14%, the electricity tariff for the Gedongsongo Geothermal power plant is USD 11.45 cent / kWh.

Keywords: Keywords : Geothermal power plant, feasibility, sensitivity analysis, electricity tariff

Topic: Petroleum and Geothermal Engineering


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Earth Science, Mineral, and Energy (ICEMINE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Arizona Yoris Wirawan)

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