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Strategies for strengthening various models of cocoa marketing partnerships among farmers in the Polewali Mandar Regency, Western Sulawesi Province
Bambang Setiawan (a*), Didi Rukmana (b*), and Mahyuddin (b*)

a). Student of Study Program Agribussiness, Faculty of Postgraduate, Hasanuddin University, Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan KM 10, Makassar 90245, Indonesia

b). Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University Makassar

E-mail : bambangsetiawan172[at]


The purpose of this study is to analyze strategies for strengthening various partnership models for cocoa marketing. At the level of the farmers of Polewali Mandar district, the population of this study amounts to 75 farmers divided into 3 groups at the level of the existing partnership models (companies, cooperatives and traders), The analysis technique used consists in using a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to formulate objectives in the form of strategic actions based on external facts and internal facts to determine the strategy. The results showed that the internal factors of this study were: 1) Availability of land for cocoa farms 2) High potential productivity 3) Infrastructure available. The weaknesses of this study are: 1) a minimum of capital contribution, 2) limited availability of technology 3) pest and disease attacks. External opportunities include: 1) strong market demand, 2) ease of market access, 3) opening up investment opportunities, threats from this study 1) land-use change 2 ) price volatility and 3) the extreme climate.

Keywords: Strategy, Partnership Model, Farmer

Topic: Agriculture system


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Global Issue for Infrastructure, Environment, and Socio-Economic Development (GIESED 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Bambang Setiawan)

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