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Does the health insurance governance system support health care programs?
Rini Anggraeni

Doctoral Program Student, Public Health Science, Faculty of Public Health Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia


Background/Objective: Good governance principles used to arrange the management of the health insurance system in the NHI era. To ensure the sustainability of this program, an evaluation of the implementation policies of NHI is needed. The research aimed to measured implementation of good governance of NHI in Makassar. Methods: This was qualitative research with phenomenology design study. The research was conducted in the health service system in Makassar (Hospital, PHC, General Clinic, and Public Health Office). This study collected data using an in-depth interview from each leader and manager. Results: BPJS as a health insurance manager was not effective in managing health services on transparence, efficient and accountable manner in easy access to data used in the preparation of health planning and budgeting programs. In the context of regulatory quality variables, BPJS had not been maximized in several policies made, the coordination and collaboration functions had not been carried out properly. The resulting policy will be difficult to implement because of differences between policies and local conditions so that implementation is not optimal in some policies that were made centralized Conclusions: Policies relating to governance should be made transparently by involving local governments and communities to accommodate every need of each party to support health care programs for improving the quality of health services.

Keywords: health insurance, good governance

Topic: Social Health Insurance


Conference: The 4th International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rini Anggraeni)

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