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Linking Elements of Green Service Marketing Mix with the Green Brand Equity Dimensions
I Gede Eka Arinatha, Jacobus Rico Kuntag, Hairul Anam and Fibriyani Nur Khairin

Balikpapan University,Cendrawasih University, and Mulawarman University


This study has explored the relationship between green marketing mix elements and the creation of green brand equity in green hotel services, which are moderated by environmental awareness and consideration of the consequences of consumer behavior. Data was collected through online questionnaires using the snowball sampling method. The final sample was 426 respondents who had stayed at a hotel that implemented an environmentally friendly service program in Indonesia. The results of the regression analysis have shown that the seven green service marketing mix elements are significantly related to the four dimensions of green brand equity, but not individually. In addition, results have shown a significant increase in models that are moderated by environmental concerns. However, there was no significant increase in the model which was moderated by consideration of consequences.

Keywords: Green Service Marketing Mix, Green Brand Equity, Environmental Concern, Consideration of Consequences, Green Hotel

Topic: Green Business


Conference: The 2nd Mulawarman International Conference on Economics and Business (MICEB 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (I Gede Eka Arinatha)

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