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Aplication of CNC Machine Router 3-Axis for Making of Engravired Granite or Marble
Suharto1, Suryanto2, Sarana3, Kunto Purbono4

1, 2,4 Mechanical Department, 3 Accounting Departments
1,2,3,4State Polytechnic of Semarang


Abstract—The development of a Computer Numerical Controller (CNC) machine specifically for the manufacture of creative product crafts needs to be encouraged to improve the variety and quality of the products. Manual engraving of natural stone (marble, granite) by relying on the skills of people and simple equipment will produce a product with a long time of processing. Competition in the business and industrial world is needed to increase effectiveness and efficiency with short manufacturing time indicators, low prices, more and more interesting design variations. The research objective is to find effective and efficient machining parameters, analyze factors that influence surface roughness, and enrich the variety of creative product designs of marble stone materials. This study uses an experimental method approach which is a study to find the effect of spindle rotation variables, infeed speed, infeed depth on the quality of surface roughness by operating the CNC Machine Router 3-Axis. It was found that the the following parameters of the machine are cutting speed machining 30 (m / min), spindle rotation 12000 (rpm), and speed / feed rate 2000 (mm / min). Analysis of factors that influence the surface roughness of marble engraver the higher the speed / rate of infeed and the depth of infeed, the higher the surface roughness value of marble. Computer and engineering software applications are able to increase the variety of creative product designs.

Keywords: Keywords—CNC Router, engravired, granite, marble

Topic: Mechanical Engineering


Conference: The 1st International Conference on Innovation in Science Technology (ICIST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Liliek Triyono)

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