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(1) Rahayu Kojongian, (2) Hamzah Halim, (3) Slamet Sampurno, (4) Iin Karita Sakharina

Faculty of Law Hasanuddin University


ABSTRACT ACCOUNTABILITY REFORM POLICY CRIMINAL COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS Rahayu Kojongian ”, Hamzah Halim, Slamet Sampurno, Iin Karita Sakharina Faculty of Law, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia * E-mail correspondent writer [email protected] The rise of prostitution as if it does not have a deterrent effect on the perpetrators, the Criminal Code can only be used to ensnare pimps / pimps / providers of commercial sex workers. whereas Articles which can be used to ensnare commercial sex workers are regulated in their respective regional regulations. Based on the principle of lex superior derogat legi inferior, of course the regulation prohibiting prostitution cannot be enforced because it contradicts the Criminal Procedure Code as a higher law. The existence of prostitution has lowered ones dignity as a civilized human being. Disputes between prostitution activities with moral values, religion, and culture certainly become philosophical and sociological issues in building an ethical, cultured, and civilized society. This study uses a social-juridical approach. This type of research is adapted to the formulation of the problem under study, namely 1. What is the Reformulation Policy on Criminal Liability for Commercial Sex Workers? 2. What Constraints Are Faced In Providing Sanctions As A Form Of Criminal Liability For Commercial Sex Workers? 3. What is the Effort to Overcome Obstacles to Criminal Liability for Commercial Sex Workers? Conclusions 1. In the process of providing sanctions to prostitutes, law enforcement officials have complied with applicable regulations. its just that we need to reformulate criminal responsibility aimed at commercial sex workers too.2. There are no rules that explicitly prohibit the practice of prostitution. 3. efforts taken for commercial sex workers are only by rehabilitation keywords: Prostitution, Cyber, Criminal Law Reform

Keywords: Prostitution, Cyber, Penal Law Reform

Topic: Human Rights


Conference: The 1st International Conference on Trade, Business, Human Rights, and Globalization (ICTBHRsG 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rahayu Kojongian)

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