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Indonesian Community Readiness in Implementing Fintech as Financial Innovation
Sandy Dwi Laksana Putra, Rahardyan Haris Yuswinarto

Diponegoro University


The strict competition between banks and fintech does not only occur in developed countries, but also in emerging markets. However, this competition has not been observed in detail in Indonesia. The purpose of this literature review is to evaluate the fintech implementation progress in Indonesia and the readiness of the community to use fintech services. However this is such a new topic, the research method used is a literature review of various library sources, especially from Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Bank Indonesia. Literature review shows that the presence of technology-based financial services in Indonesia cannot be rejected and avoided in line with the development of information and communication technology. The Indonesian people are still not ready to use services provided by fintech, but prefer banking services due to ignorance of fintech services in Indonesia related to innovations and new financial products.

Keywords: fintech, innovation in financial services, competition, banks, industry 4.0

Topic: International Conference of Islamic Economic and Financial Inclusion


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Sandy Dwi Laksana Putra)

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