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A Qualitative Study of Drug Stockout and Stagnant in the Pharmacy Installation of Regional General Hospital Makassar
Marhappy Frienty Saputri, Hasmah, Nining Ade Ningsih

STIK Tamalatea Makassar


In ensuring quality of pharmaceutical services, pharmacy supplies must be controlled responsibly. Therefore, drugs must be managed effectively and efficiently. This study aims to determine the causes of drug stockout and stagnant in the pharmacy installation at Regional General Hospital Makassar. This type of research is qualitative with a Case Study approach. The informants in this study consisted of key informants namely the head of pharmacy installations and ordinary informants specifically the head of the warehouse, the management of pharmacy supplies, and partners/distributors. Determination of informants in this study was made by purposive sampling. Data collection was carried out by means of direct in-depth interviews with informants, observations, and document reviews. The results of the study show that the cause of the drug stockout was the ineffective procurement of drugs as a result of delayed budgeting that caused huge losses in the Pharmacy Installation of Regional General Hospital Makassar. The other factor was distributor emptiness. While the factors that caused Stagnant were due to slow moving drugs due to changes in disease patterns, there were changes in the history of drug use by the user. Suggestions that can be given are by applying the analytical methods of all types of drugs available in the pharmaceutical warehouse. Thus, they can determine which drugs should be prioritized and avoid drug emptiness and purchase of cito.

Keywords: Stockout, Stagnant, Drug Logistic Management

Topic: Logistic and Medicine


Conference: The 4th International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Nining Ade Ningsih)

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