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Cognitive Bias in A Disruptive Era: How Thinking Patterns Affects Academic Performance and Health
Ali Maksum & Fifuka D. Khory

Universitas Negeri Surabaya


In a disruptive era marked by rapid changes and abundance of information, the occurrence of cognitive biases becomes difficult to avoid. Individuals are more confident in something perceived than the facts and actual data. Emotions are stronger than reason. In a neuro-psychological perspective, people tend to use the limbic system rather than the neocortex in thinking and responding to things. As a result, opportunities for mistakes in making decisions more often occur. In the long run, such conditions will distort the academic climate that promotes rationality and critical thinking. The results of a study of 1000 students of Universitas Negeri Surabaya in seven faculties and postgraduate programs showed that cognitive bias occurred in 81% of respondents. Deprivation is deeper in social science students than exact science students. There is a significant correlation between curiosity and academic performance. Other relevant research shows that students who use intuitive thinking have lower academic performance than students who use reflective thinking. Intuitive thinking also encourages students to cheat and their eating patterns are very risky for health.

Keywords: cognitive bias, thinking patterns, academic performance, health

Topic: Boosting Cognitive Skill and Critical Thinking in Digital Age


Conference: South Borneo International Conference on Sport Science And Education (SBICSSE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Ali Maksum)

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