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The Effect Of Learning Models and Cognitif Style on Geography Learning Outcomes in Senior Higt School Percut Sei Tuan 2
zuilen Van Boy Sinaga; Prof.Dr. Abdul Hamid K, M.Pd; Dr.Sugiharto, M.Si

Universitas Negeri Medan


This study aims to: (1) Know the learning outcomes of students who are learning gography learning with problem based learning models and STAD learning models (2) to find out the geography learning outcomes of students who have independent cognitive styles, and dependent cognitive styles (3) know the interactions between learning models with cognitive styles in influencing student learning outcomes in geography. This research is a quasi-experimental research. Student learning outcomes taught by the problem based learning model are higher than students who are taught with the STAD learning model

Keywords: learning model, problem based learnig model learning, STAD learning model, cognitive style and learning Outcomes

Topic: Applied Basic Science and Multidisciplinary


Conference: International Conference on Science and Technology Applications (ICOSTA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (ZUILEN VAN BOY SINAGA)

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