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Eka Buana Jerowaru East Lombok as a Village Tourism Area

Universitas Terbuka


Realizing Eka Buana Village based on community tourism is a coastal village surrounded by hills on the edge of a white sand beach that is very potential as, Suwarga beach has the beauty of natural attraction of fauna, flora and thick with local culture, relaxed atmosphere of heaven in the eastern region South Lombok, bordering the location of the Mandalika Tourist Area (KEK), related to a variety of risk considerations due to environmental changes safety and comfort factors, for indicators of tourism performance the role and reach of facilities to destination requires adequate infrastructure to encourage. Transportation infrastructure, lodging facilities supporting other community- based tourism needs, although there is an effect on tourist visits, both foreign and domestic, require services or acceptance of the local community in receiving tourism guests visit in accordance with the norms of local cultural norms, although some issues of contraction of local cultural pollution that hospitality by this village community. Related to the type of denagna, increasing tourist arrivals from the point of view of Indonesia-s economy is a very potential market that can promise a trendy tourism market, so far the types of tourism that are trending are : Ecotourism, Cultural tourism

Keywords: Tourist area, contraction, culture.

Topic: Innovations in tourism and hospitality


Conference: International Seminar on Business, Economics, Social Science and Technology (ISBEST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Tamjuddin Tam)

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