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Application of Concept Physics In The Aceh Culture
Yaumil Silvini (1*), Derlina (2), Eva Marlina Ginting (3)

1. Physics Education Study Program, State University of Medan
2,3. Lecturer in Physics Education, State University of Medan
Jl. Willem Iskandar, Pasar V Medan Estate, Percut Sei Tuan, Deli Serdang, Medan, Indonesia


Physics is the science that studies an object, and interactions between objects, also studies natural phenomena that include matter, space, and interactions between humans. Human interaction is related to culture and customs that are inherent in peoples lives. Every region in Indonesia has different customs and customs in the community. Aceh is one area that has diverse customs in the way of making food, playing games and using its musical instruments. The culture of peoples original knowledge relating to scientific physics knowledge is called ethnoscience. The study examines, analyzes the application of the concepts of temperature and heat and impulse momentum in Aceh culture. The method used is a literature study with study materials including (1) Acehnese unique culture of kekuriken, and (2) Acehnese Pisang sale typical food.

Keywords: The concepts of temperature and heat;impulse momentum;ethnoscience and Aceh culture

Topic: Applied Basic Science and Multidisciplinary


Conference: International Conference on Science and Technology Applications (ICOSTA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (yaumil silvini)

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