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2D Forward Modeling of Induced Polarization using The Finite Element Method
Indri Liani Sartika, Wahyu Srigutomo

Bandung Institute of Technology


Induced polarization (IP) method is part of the geoelectric methods that is often used in metal exploration. Data interpretation from induced polarization survey requires a fast and efficient forward modeling algorithm. In this study, a forward modeling of induced polarization scheme for 2D environment was developed. The finite element method (FEM) was used for calculating the IP responses for a 2D subsurface resistivity model. The FEM was implemented in the scheme by using the Galerkin approach. The modeling scenarios were divided into two: the first is a case where the subsurface was a homogeneous resistivity whereas the values of injected current were varied. The second case is where the subsurface posses two resistivity layers with a constant value at the injected current. The result show that at a constant current, the electric potential differences are proportional to the resistivity value. Whereas for the two-layers case, the increase in the potential difference is proportional to the increase in resistivity and that current penetrates deeper in the resistive layer.

Keywords: Induced Polarization, Finite Element Method, Earth Science

Topic: Complex system modelling


Conference: International Conference on Computation in Science and Engineering (ICCSE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Indri Liani Sartika)

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