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Nasaruddin Nawir (a*), Nurmala Sari (a), Ima Fatimah (a)

Department of Hospital Management, Public Health Faculty, Hasanuddin University,Indonesia


Patient experience has been recognized as one of important outcome measure for healthcare organization. This study aimed to measure patient experience and identify patient experience dimensions that needed to be prioritized for quality improvement in Sawerigading Hospital. A descriptive-analytic study, using a cross-sectional method in the inpatient unit of Sawerigading Hospital, was implemented on June, 2019. Using proportional stratified random sampling, 137 patients were selected. Data were collected using an importance-performance analysis (IPA) questionnaire, which measures current performance and determines each item-s importance from the patients- perspectives. Based on IPA analysis, we highlighted important patient experiences attributes for improvements and categorized it into four categories: (1) Concentrate Here; (2) Keep Up the Good Work; (3) Low Priority; and (4) Possible Overkill. The results revealed that 38 attributes from 12 patient experience dimensions were differently allocated into each of categories. Quadrant II (keep up the good work) was quadrant with the largest attributes included (18 attributes). Quadrant I (concentrate here) and quadrant III (low priority) had 6 and 13 attributes, respectively. The fewest number of attributes was in Quadrant IV (Possible overkill) with only 1 attributes. The attributes of patient experience that became main priority in Quadrant 1 were information about patient-s rights and obligations, hygiene of inpatient ward, hygiene of toilet, drug information, and food serving. Patient experience attributes were mainly in “keep up the good work” category, it is necessary to maintain those attributes and hospital managers could consider “concentrate here” cattegory to improve quality of inpatient services.

Keywords: Patient Experience, Importance Performance Analysis

Topic: Quality, Safety and Service


Conference: The 4th International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Nasaruddin Nawir)

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