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The effect of working capital management on firm value. Evidence in Indonesian firms
Agung Satmoko, Sri Isworo Ediningsih, R. Heru Kristanto HC

FEB UPNV Yogyakarta


The management must allocate working capital on a level which could maximize the wealth of the and marginal benefits of working capital in the firm. The company with flexible financing when facing a negative shock could avoid financing difficulties, and could provide funds for investing purposes when the shareholders and cash allocation strategy which balanced the cost opportunity to invest arose. Working capital management is reinforced by investment policies, debt policies, stable macroeconomic conditions and an appropriate diversification strategy. Good working capital management will increase company value. The purpose of this paper is to explain the effect of working capital management on firm value and to analyze moderate factor investment, debt, macroeconomics.

Keywords: working capital, firm value, investment policy, debt policy, macroeconomics.

Topic: Human resource Management


Conference: The 1st International Forum On Business And Economy (IFBE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Agung Satmoko)

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