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Factors That Influence Tourists Buying Interest in Manado City Traditional SMEs
Imelda Ogi (a*), Merinda H. Ch. Pandowo (a*), Rita N. Taroreh (a)

Faculty of Economy and Business, Universitas Sam Ratulangi, Manado, Indonesia *ogi_imelda[at]; iinpan[at];


Small businesses in Manado are one of the pillars in supporting economic growth in this area. SMEs also support the development of innovation in supporting the tourism industry in this city. Problems faced by SMEs in Manado include how SMEs in Manado, especially traditional SMEs, in predicting consumer behavior, especially tourist behavior in Manado. The research objective is to analyze the factors that influence the buying interest of tourists in traditional SMEs in the city of Manado. The research method is quantitative with the object of research in traditional food and beverage based SMEs in the city of Manado. The number of samples is 100 respondents taken from 10 SMEs. The results obtained information related to variables affecting the buying interest of tourists in the city of Manado.

Keywords: Tourist Buying Interest; Traditional SMEs, Manado City

Topic: Marketing


Conference: Annual International Conference on Management Research (AICMAR 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Imelda Ogi)

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