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The role of Bugis cultural value towards leader-member exchange and organizational citizenship in Bugis nurses in Makassar
Andi Indahwaty Sidin(a,b), Fridawati Rivai (a,b), Rifaah Mahmudah Bulu

1. Hospital Administration Department, Public Health Faculty, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
2. Hasanuddin University Hospital, Indonesia


This literature review is about the role of cultural value towards Leader-member exchange (LMX) and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) of Bugis nurses that can help the researcher to understand nurse performance based on the culture. This literature review was compiled using the PRISMA method with stages 1) defining eligibility criteria; 2) identify sources of information; 3) selection of studies; 4) data collection process; 5) data selection. In the Google Scholar online database, 39 related articles were obtained and an assumption was obtained that culture value played a role in creating OCB and LMX in Bugis nurse. The culture values adopted by Bugis nurses, namely siri na passé, actively support the creation of OCB. Siri na passé, which is one of the concepts of Bugis culture, influences attitudes and behaviors, including interacting. Other literature also found that high LMX would also have a positive effect on OCB. A high LMX can be seen from the relationship of the superior-subordinates or ajjarang-joa which are very thick to the Bugis tribe, who have high loyalty to the superior. A form of high commitment to the head can motivate employees to show high OCB behavior and be motivated to do work that has better quality than expected.

Keywords: Cultural, Value, Buginese,OCB, LMX

Topic: Other Hospital Issue


Conference: The 4th International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Andi Indahwaty Sidin)

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