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Aging Effect Condition on Hot Asphalt Mixtures Marshall (AC-BC) Performance by Using Slag
Rindu Twidi B (1), Bambang Sugeng Subagio (2), Harmein Rahman (2), Nyoman Suaryana (3)

1) Doctoral Student, Faculty of Civil and Environment Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

2) Lecturer, Faculty of Civil and Environment Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

3) Research and Development Center of Road and Bridge, Ministry of Public Work and Public Housing, Indonesia


The technology of using waste for road construction by using slag as an aggregate substitute is able to reduce costs as well as environmentally friendly technology. Hot mix asphalt pavement (HMA) will experience aging both short and long term, this study was conducted to see how the effects of aging in hot asphalt mixtures by using slag. There were three types of mixtures in this study with different levels of slag, aging test specimens were conditioned by the AASHTO R30 testing method. The results of testing the slag characteristics with SEM that the slag surface is roughness than the natural aggregate, also the slag has porosity on its surface indicates that the slag has stronger adhesion properties with the asphalt. In hot asphalt mixtures with slags obtained by increasing the slag percentage, the optimum bitumen content will be smaller but if viewed from the optimum marshall stability value at a slag percentage of 20%. Then the mixture was conditioned for short-term aging with a higher marshall stability value compared to normal conditions with void in mixture (VIM) values, while for long-term aging the stability value decreased compared to normal conditions with VIM values approaching normal conditions without aging.

Keywords: Slag, Aging, Stability, VIM

Topic: Civil Engineering


Conference: Broad Exposure on Science and Technology (BEST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rindu Twidi Bethary)

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