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Noor Fauzi Isniarno (1), Rian Amukti (1), Rully Nurhasan (1), Agriandi Rahmagustiar (1), Guntur Indra Prahasta (1)

(1). Teknik Pertambangan, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Islam Bandung


Groundwater has become one of the primary human needs. One of the human activities that utilize groundwater is industrial activities such as those in the Kalijati sub-district. The presence of several companies was allegedly disrupting groundwater balance because it stood in an area that was declared as a recharge area. However, there is a suspicion that the aquifer recharge area where they use groundwater is in the southern part of the Regency. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the aquifer recharge area to estimate the amount of groundwater potential. Determination of recharge zones is carried out by double ring infiltrometers test to determine infiltration velocity and hydraulic conductivity. The main potential recharge area for groundwater is an area that has a relatively fast infiltration speed to rather fast, high hydraulic conductivity to very high, and composed of rocks with good porosity. To determine the potential of groundwater, an analysis of local rainfall is carried out using Mononobe and Sherman equation. The results showed that the study area had infiltration velocities between 0.22 - 1.41 cm / minute and hydraulic conductivity between 0.02 - 0.69 cm / minute. The main potential groundwater recharge zones are in the West, North and Southeast part of the research area with a total area of 10,417.63 Ha with groundwater potential up to 82.923.623 m3/year.

Keywords: Grounwater, Infiltration, Unconfined Zone Aquifer

Topic: Mining Engineering


Conference: Science and Technology Research Symposium (SIRES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Noor Fauzi Isniarno)

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