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Analysis of Students Mathematical Refractive Thinking Abilities in Mathematical Problems Solving on Terms of Thinking Styles
Hastri Rosiyanti(a*), Faisal (b)

a) Program Studi Pendidikan Matematika, Universitas Muhamamdiyah Jakarta, Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan, 15419 Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
b) Program Studi Matematika, Universitas Bina Nusantara, Jl. K H. Syahdan No. 9, Jakarta Barat 11480, Indonesia


The purpose of this study was to analyse and describe refractive thinking skills in solving mathematical problems in terms of thinking styles.This study uses qualitative with descriptive research types.The research subjects is the fourth semester mathematics education students.The data collection technique used is written tests and interviews.The results of the study is the students who have the style of thinking Abstract Sequential can only see information contained in questions, but cannot analyse the information.Hence , the determination of solving problem strategy is very inappropriate.The results is solution of the problems was not exactly right.Students who have a style of thinking Concrete Sequential can analyse the information contained the question, but in determining the solving strategy is not appropriate, therefore the answer of the problem is not right.Students who have the style of thinking Random Abstract can collect the information with their own editorial.They only wrote their strategy generally but can not wrote down gradually.Hence, the planned strategy and solution not yet seen in detail.Students who have an Random Concrete style of thinking can gather the information contained in the problem, able to determine a problem solving strategy and the right solution.

Keywords: Refractive Thinking, Solving Mathematical problems, Thinking Styles

Topic: Mathematics Education


Conference: International Conference on Mathematics and Science Education (ICMScE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Hastri Rosiyanti)

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