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The Playing Method Of Learning Under Passing In Volleyball
Cucu Sundara, Yopi Meirizal, Prima Kusuma A, Sumbara Hambali

Kementrian pemuda dan olahraga RI (Cucu Sundara)
Departement of Physical Education STKIP Pasundan ( yopi Meirizal, Prima Kusumah A, Sumbara hambali )


The purpose of this study was to improve the learning outcomes of under receiving on a game of volleyball with a play approach. Research method using Action Research. The subjects in this study are students of grade V Primary School in Cimahi, Indonesia. This study was conducted with six meetings consisting of two cycles, each cycle 3 times a meeting. The first cycle realized through action according to the plan and the learning method, the result of the average value of students in the under receiving learning is equal to 71.48 or 74.07% of pass students, and 25.93% of students have not passed. In the second cycle realized through the action of the reflection result from cycle 1, the result of the average value of students in under receiving learning increased to 78.52 or 92.59% of passed students and the rest 7.41% of students have not passed. Based on the results of this study it can be concluded that the play approach can improve the learning outcomes of under receiving student volleyball.

Keywords: playing method, Learning, Under Passing, Volleyball

Topic: Community Sport Development (CSD)


Conference: South Borneo International Conference on Sport Science And Education (SBICSSE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (C Sundara C Sundara)

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