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A Nursing Support Program on Finding Meaning in Life for Relocated Disaster Survivors of the 2010 Mt. Merapi Eruption, Indonesia
Uki Noviana, Misako Miyazaki

Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing


Purpose: This study aims to develop a nursing support program for enabling relocated disaster survivors of the 2010 Mt.Merapi eruption to find meaning in life. Method: The study consists of three steps: Designing, Pilot testing, and Revising. The designed support program was evaluated by implementing the program for a group of relocated disaster survivors. Six women (26 - 47 years old) participated in that program. The researches reflected process of the implementation program and participants were interviewed after their participation. The data were transcribed and analyzed qualitatively. Results: This study identified five main nursing supports on finding meaning in life, A Group reflection using photographs, including: 1) Assisting in taking photographs of daily life influenced by disaster and relocation; 2) Sharing the story of daily life influenced by disaster and relocation, 3) Connecting with the idea of meaning in life; 4) Assisting in taking photographs related to meaning in life; and 5) Sharing past, current, and future daily life experiences to have meaningful life. Conclusion: A Group reflection using photographs introduces a new approach for nurses to support disaster survivors in finding meaning in life, in which, finding meaning in life is related to the survivors- mental health.

Keywords: disaster; eruption; meaning in life; nursing support; relocation

Topic: International Conference on Nursing


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Uki Noviana)

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