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A Study on Communication Strategies Used by the First Year Students of English Language Education Program Universitas Brawijaya
Dzulfikar Davito & Moh Alim Musonnafa

Universitas Brawijaya


Oral communication using English often bounds with problems. Often assumed that this caused by the lack of Communicative Competence. In order to encounter the problems several means is done, one of which by using Communication Strategy (CS). The use of CS in English communication is vital as it is helping interlocutor to maintain communication within difficulties. EFL learners use English as their mean of communication during their study. By knowing that, the researcher conducted a study to identify CS used by these students in their Foreign Language communication. This is a quantitative research with survey design that involves 120 first year students of English Language Education Program in Faculty of Cultural Studies at Universitas Brawijaya using Communication Strategy Questionnaire (CSQ) adopted from Zhao (2013) as the main instrument. Then, the data was calculated to find the mean by using Microsoft Excel 2007 and analyzed and identified in accordance to the research questions. It is found that the students employed all the CSs items at moderate level. Seven items were dominantly used, they are using familiar words, phrases or sentences,using simple expressions,thinking in Indonesian before speaking,referring to mobile phone dictionary or another type of documents, trying to catch the interlocutors main point, guessing the meaning of what the interlocutor has said, and trying to enjoy the conversation. These CSs are identified as reduction or avoidance strategy, indicating these students have low Grammatical Competence (Wei, 2011). Based on the findings it is suggested that students and lecturers should aware of their own and their students CS respectively to improve the learning activities or communication using Foreign Language. For future researcher it is suggested to do a study on the same topic by adding several variables influencing the use of CS.

Keywords: communication strategies, oral communication, English as foreign language.

Topic: International Conference of English Language Teaching, Literature & Linguistics


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Moh Alim Musonnafa)

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