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Formulating Two-Body Interaction through Observed Separation Distance
Sparisoma Viridi, Erlina

Department of Physcs, Institut Teknologi Bandung


Two floating spheres are attracted to each other, if the initial separation distance is less than several times of diameter. This is also affected by portion of immersed volume of the sphere. The interaction between the two spheres is produced by unbalanced surface tension of each ball with the surrounding fluid. Position of each ball is observed using video camera and then the information is extracted using a in-house software based on OpenCV library. Due to difficulty of maintaining reproducible initial conditions, one the spheres sometimes moves to approach to the second, and not both move to aproach each other. In all these cases spheres position is transformed to center of mass position so that all position data as function of time will show a symmetry with center of mass position. Taking differential with respect to time two times, acceleration of each sphere will be obtained. The this information form of interaction can be deducted. A simulation using molecular dynamics method and theoretical approach will show the relation between form of interaction and the related acceleration function of time.

Keywords: molecular dynamics, floating spheres, attractive force, separatio distance

Topic: Simulation in general, etc


Conference: International Conference on Computation in Science and Engineering (ICCSE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Sparisoma Viridi)

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