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The Semiotics Role in The Tourism Branding Trough Social Media of Wonderful Indonesia Bali Edition
Km Tri Sutrisna Agustia

Universitas Dhyana Pura


This paper investigates the use of semiotics in the branding of Bali as a tourism destination through social media specifically via YouTube. Tourism Destination branding has assumed as an importance aspect over the past few years. Social media and semiotics have facilitated its rise. Semiotics corresponds to visible signs that, in this context, may be deployed as a means of attracting a customers attention and its effective utilization can make a difference to a destination choice. Moreover, the branding of a destination may be affected through social media. It is a relatively effective way to promote a destination and attempt to attract visitors. A conceptual framework was developed and content analysis was applied to promotional video of Indonesian Tourism Bali edition on its YouTube channel in order to identify the recurrent categories of attributes visible in imagery propagated. This paper employs the Semiology Analysis of Barthes (1974) to refine concepts like reconstruction of social reality, touristic representation and experience. Barthes agrees that the indicator becomes meaningful together with its environment and apart from its environment its meaning will turn out to be relative which was suggested by Saussure (1916). On the other hand, this paper also uses Peirce (2014) statement about defining the indicator as a triadic process. The finding stated as an attempt to decipher the Indonesian Tourism way of challenge the symbolic competition. That find out the tourism strategy is based on reconciling the Western values such as technology, comfort, and the values of the East: hospitality, timelessness, exotics, etc. The current tourism promotional videos highlight a local color which auto-Orientalized the tourism of Bali. This type of promotion, when considered the non-monolithic and differentiated structure of tourism, has some drawbacks in the era of symbolic competition.

Keywords: tourism; semiotics; social media; meaning; Bali

Topic: International Conference of English Language Teaching, Literature & Linguistics


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Km Tri Sutrisna Agustia)

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