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Analysis of Extensive Use of Variable Split Components on Flexible Gross Split Scheme
Dwi Atty Mardiana (a), Burhanudinnur (b)

a) Faculty of Technology, Earth and Energy, Universitas Trisakti.
Jl. Kyai Tapa No.1 Jakarta
b) Faculty of Technology, Earth and Energy, Universitas Trisakti.
Jl. Kyai Tapa No.1 Jakarta


The new fiscal scheme in the upstream petroleum industry has been implemented in Indonesia since 2017. Combination split at each parameter might not reflective to the various economic conditions. The difference between well-developed and new frontier offshore categories is only two percent. Yet, field size for the offshore new frontier areas should have significant larger reserves to justify the new pipelines and other infrastructure compare with the next offshore field that might would utilized the well-developed offshore facilities. This study will analyze the fiscal model calibration for the variable component of infrastructure in one offshore field, through its economic indicator. Sensitivity of the infrastructure development would be applied, that would affect to the capital investment, the operating cost, and production scenario. The study found that the composition of the split is not reflective to the various development and economic conditions. It is suggests that the new gross split scheme should be designed to apply to different levels of infrastructure in the same certain working area.

Keywords: petroleum economic, gross split scheme, variable component

Topic: Petroleum and Geothermal Engineering


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Earth Science, Mineral, and Energy (ICEMINE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Dwi Atty Mardiana)

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