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Budi Sasongko (a), Alpon Satrianto (b)

a) STIEKN Jaya Negara *bud_ssk[at]
b) Universitas Negeri Padang *alpon.unp[at]


The purpose of this study was to determine the same leading sector based on the Klassen Typology method, Location Quotient, Shift-Share, Growth Ratio Models and Overlay. This research is based on the fact that all this time previous research only determined the leading sectors based on each of these criteria and none of them determined which sectors were the same. It is important to know that these superior sectors are tested from several methods and these sectors must be prioritized in development. The data in this study uses the average GRDP Blitar City data on the basis of constant prices in 2010 according to business fields from 2011-2017. The results of this study conclude that the same leading sector based on these 5 methods in Blitar City is 1) Large and Retail Trade; Car and Motorcycle Repair, 2) Information and Communication, and 3) Financial and Insurance Services. Therefore, the Blitar City government must continue to move these sectors forward by increasing investment and ease of licensing so that the sector can continue to increase its contribution to the economy of Blitar City.

Keywords: Leading Sector, Blitar City

Topic: Economics


Conference: International Conference on Economics, Business and Economic Education Science (ICEBEES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Budi Sasongko)

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