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Tarbiyah Department, IAIN Kudus
Jalan Conge Ngembalrejo Kudus


This study aims to reveal and offer an educational service system for certain types of children with special needs in the Muhammadiyah Elementary School (MIM). Educational services for children with special needs MIM 2 Kudus are in an inclusion class, where normal students mingle with special needs students. This study involved heads, class teachers and assistants (shadow teachers), parents, and students of MIM 2 Kudus. Data collection is in the form of interviews and in-depth observations related to classroom learning, while documents contain learning plans (RPP) and student behavior development. While analyzing the data with the stages of data reduction includes teaching the teacher, various characteristics of learning and thinking of students, and learning behavior of students. At the stage of data display, photographing learning with a variety of approaches from the teachers for the diversity of cognition, affection, and psychomotor conditions of students who produce a variety of learning behaviors of their students. As well as the conclusion stage, this study shows that learning for special needs in inclusion classes requires certain types of criteria as raw input for new students, namely disabled children and problem children in focus of learning. The learning process that takes place in the classroom, the class teacher does not distinguish the condition of each student, both in the application of learning strategies and media, but the shadow teacher still accompanies children with special needs during learning. Related learning outcomes related to learning behavior vary depending on the type and nature of children with special needs, where in general normal students have better learning outcomes compared to children with special needs, except for disabled children. But there are still weaknesses in the aspect of measuring the academic abilities of these diverse students, namely the use of the same test instruments.

Keywords: inclusion class, focus of learning, shadow teacher, learning behavior

Topic: International Conference on Islamic Studies in the Digital Era


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Ismanto Ismanto)

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