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A Three-Dimensional Slope Stability Analysis Due to Infrastructure Development at Ratu Boko Site
Dwitya Okky Azanna (a*), Ahmad Rifai (a**), Hary Christady Hardiyatmo (a)

a) Departement of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, INDONESIA
* d.okky[at]
** ahmad.rifai[at]


The Ratu Boko site is the one of historical placed that has been used as a spot tourism in Yogyakarta. The location of the Ratu Boko Site which is has a steeply hills area and the additional loads of the Andrawina Plaza development can trigger a landslide. This objectives in this research to analyze the slope stability of Ratu Boko site in conditions before and after the development of Andrawina Plaza. The analysis was carried out using the 3D numerical simulation with limit equilibrium method on static and dynamic conditions. Besides the safety factor, the analysis results provide to show the location and shape of potential slip surface. Under dynamic load, based on seismic hazard maps for slope stability analysis is used PGA value of 0.30. The existing conditions of Ratu Boko slope had a safety factor which is about 1.983 and has decreased became 1.926 due to the development of the Andrawina Plaza based on Bishop method. If there is parking construction with dynamic load 46 kN/m2 the safety factor became 1.889. Under dynamic conditions, slope stability analysis of Ratu Boko gave SF 1.286 for existing slope and has decreased became 1.153 due to the development of the Andrawina Plaza. If there is parking construction with dynamic load 46 kN/m2 the safety factor became 1.204. Based on slope stability analysis under both static and dynamic condition show that infrastructure development at Ratu Boko Site still meet the minimum safety factor criteria required.

Keywords: 3D slope stability; limit equilibrium; safety factor; dynamic load

Topic: International Symposium of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Dwitya Okky Azanna )

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