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How Does Organizational Factors Affect the Integration of Knowledge Management and e-Learning functions in State University?
Femilia Zahra(1), Ni Made Suwitri Parwati(2), Muhammad Ilham Pakawaru(3), Deddy Wachyudi(4), Zakiyah Zahara(5)

(1,2,3,4) Department of Accounting, Faculty of economics, Tadulako University,
(5)Department of Management, Faculty of economics, Tadulako University


This study aims to examine the organizational factors-s effect to the knowledge transfer and their consequences for the integration of knowledge management and e-Learning functions. This research was conducted by distributing questionnaires to 150 lecturers from various faculties at the University of Tadulako. Questionnaires were distributed to the lecturer through google form media which connected to the whatsapp application. There were 132 questionnaires returned and could be processed for this study, so the total response rate was 88%. The results showed that organizational factors such as Information Technology (IT), Trust Culture (TC), Flexible structure and design (FSD) can support the success of knowledge transfer at state universities, especially Tadulako University. Other results show that there is an influence of knowledge transfer on the integration of knowledge management and e-learning functions. These results indicate that individual intention to transfer their knowledge and experience will support the integration of knowledge management and e-learning functions.

Keywords: Information Technology, Learning strategy, Trust Culture, Flexible structure and design, knowledge transfer, Integration of knowledge Management and e-learning

Topic: Accounting


Conference: The 2nd Mulawarman International Conference on Economics and Business (MICEB 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Femilia Zahra)

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