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Re-Design Technical Drawing Studio 2 Lightning System to Increase Students Drawing Concentration
F N Riyani (a), J Maknun (a), L Yosita (a)

a) Department of Architectural Education
Indonesia University of Education


Class X DPIB 2 SMK N 2 Tasikmalaya is first grade student that needs a drawing skills. One of the drawing skill product for basic level is one level house shop drawing. The more detail drawing the more drawing concentration is needed. One of supporting drawing concentration factors is lightning quality, because of that human pupil very responsive to emitting light. This research is intended to Re-Design technical drawing studio 2 SMK N 2 Tasikmalaya lightning system to be suitable from lightning standard. The result from lightning analysis in technical drawing studio 2 was showing poor lightning quality because lack of lightning intensity, differences lightning distribution, and high glare potential. The condition of drawing concentration class X DPIB 2 SMKN 2 Tasikmalaya was different each work table. The work table which has high glare potential and inconsistency lightning involve poor concentration. The result from Re-Design lightning system both natural and artificial in technical drawing studio 2 SMK N 2 Tasikmalaya was made by adding opening in the southside, installing a double-skin fa├žade, changing wall interior color, and changing luminaire type will increase technical drawing studio 2 lightning quality from lightning standard so does drawing concentration. The result simulation of Re-Design was showing better lightning quality such as the increasing of lightning intensity from 269 lux to 937 lux and minimize glare potential in 11 work tables.

Keywords: Re Design, Studio Lightning System, Students Concentration

Topic: Architecture


Conference: The Third International Conference on Innovation in Engineering and Vocational Education (ICIEVE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Farhan Nur Farid Riyani)

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