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Yield Ability Test of Four Genotypes Strawberries at Ciwidey District in Bandung
Lia Amalia (a), Nunung Sondari (a), Renny Yuniasari (b)

(a)Departement of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture,
Winaya Mukti University
(b) Departement of Agriculture, Bandung District


Strawberris local varieties generally have advantages that fragrant of fruit but low production because the small size of the fruit. Farmers have been left to their local varietis, because introduced vareities have advantages in high production and larger fruit size but has a fruity aromatic content that is less than the local variety. For fresh consumption, strawberries are also cultivated for industrial purposes. Each variety has the characteristics and the characteristics of each, both in flower or fruit (size and weight of the fruit). The aim of the exploration is to enrich the genetic diversity of existing germplasm, hopping netted new alleles or mutant derived from emerging from the cultivar released to farmers. The emergence of new genotypes as as result of the evaluation process, mutation, natural hybridization, and natural selection lead to the emergence of new genotypes that are superior in the sense adaptable to the environment. Futhermore, the introduction of identification as a process plant to determine the yield of four varieties of genotypes strawberries found in Ciwidey to obtain genes as a source of elders to get superior varieties

Keywords: Genotypes, Strawberries, Yield Ability Test

Topic: International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Elly Roosma Ria)

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