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The Modalities and Roles of Local Governments to Face the Terrorism Issues in Indonesia: Case Study of Malang Area
Gonda Yumitro, Dyah Estu K, Saiman, Dion Maulana P, Shannaz Mutiara D

Lecturers of the International Relations Department
University of Muhammadiyah Malang


This study examined the modalities and roles of local governments to face the threat of terrorism in Indonesia, with the case study in the region of Malang, consisted of Malang City, Malang Regency, and Batu City. The selection of these three regional governments was interesting because some of the suspected terrorists were arrested and arranged their actions to some other places in Indonesia from the region of Malang during last two decades. This study used a qualitative descriptive method, where the primary data collected by doing interviews with representatives from Malang City Government, Malang Regency, and Batu City. In addition, primary data was also collected from official local government documents which are related to terrorism threats in the region of Malang. By using the concept of securitization, this study found that the governments of Malang have some modalities to face the issues of terrorism, both internal and external modalities. In optimizing those modalities, they also have played some preventive, proactive, curative, and rehabilitative roles. However, there were some obstacles founded demanding the government to collaborate with other stakeholders, such as civil societies from pesantren, to face the issues of terrorism in the region.

Keywords: Government, Malang, Modality, Terrorism, Roles

Topic: International Symposium on Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, and Religious Studies


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Gonda Yumitro)

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