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Design of Ciodeng Suspension Bridge for Pedestrian at Rancamanyar Regency of Bandung
Afdhal Lazuardiansyah Ramdhani

Department of Civil Engineering Bandung State Polytechnic (POLBAN)


Abstract. Ciodeng Bridge is a suspension bridge located in Rancamanyar, Regency of Bandung. The bridge that connects Parunghalang Village and Seketi Village is used for motorbikes and pedestrians. Overcrowding on the bridge are frequent due to unqualified traffic capacity. Excessive traffic loads and lack of maintenance damaged some bridge components. To increase capacity and provide security, it-s necessary to design a new suspension bridge next to existing bridge thus one way system can be applied to both bridges. The design refers to "Manual for Design and Build of Suspension Bridge for Pedestrian". The suspension bridge is modeled using MIDAS Civil 2019. The output of the software is the internal forces consisting of moments, shear and normal forces used to design section properties and connection models. Based on the design, obtained dimensions of the main girder IWF., cross girder, secondary girder C., pylon, bottom bracing L.50.50.5, main cable diameter 60 mm, the hanging rod diameter 20 mm, and wind cable ties diameter 20 mm. The suspension bridge is carried out using the sliding deck method and requires material cost without calculating labor and equipment in the amount of Rp.1.102.592.823,- (based on price in 2019).

Keywords: Density, one way, design, MIDAS Civil

Topic: Civil Engineering


Conference: The Third International Conference on Innovation in Engineering and Vocational Education (ICIEVE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Afdhal Lazuardiansyah Ramdhani)

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