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Analysis of Geunang Uyat Reservoir Capacity in West Aceh Regency as Effort to Overcome Water Lack During the Dry Season
Muhammad Ikhsan, Muhammad Arrie Rafshanjani Amin, Sudirman

Universitas Teuku Umar


reservoir is one of the storage that has a function as water storage when excess water and can be used during the dry season. The collected water is usually used for downstream needs such as for irrigation water, clean water needs, can even be used to contain energy for power plants. The Geunang Uyat Reservoir is located in the District of Panton Reu, West Aceh Regency. built to overcome the shortage of clean water one of the most urgent is for irrigation water needs. The construction of the reservoir is expected to meet irrigation needs which can irrigate approximately 500 hectares in Meutulang Village. The method used is Ripple Curve to calculate the amount of adequate storage capacity at the level of certain water requirements. The need for irrigation water on agricultural land planned through the construction of reservoirs is expected to maximize agricultural production in the region, which so far is only a rainfed rice field. the data used in this study are secondary data from related institutions, such as rainfall data obtained from BMKG Cut Nyak dhien Nagan Raya Regency. From the results of data analysis, there are several results, namely the analysis of maximum rainfall occurred in 2006 in November amounting to 538 mm and the lowest in 2010 in July at 41 mm, from the mainstay discharge analysis obtained 0.032 ml. Based on the analysis, the cumulative value of the inflow of 2.682.868 m3 and the cumulative outflow of 1,575,443 m3 was obtained with a volume of storage at Geunang Uyat reservoir which was equal to 70. 708,245 m3

Keywords: Reservoir; Storage Capacity; Irrigation; Rippl Curve

Topic: International Symposium of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Muhammad Ikhsan)

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