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Integrated Design of Drying and Grinding Machines Multi-sensors for Rice Quality Detection
Sidiq Syamsul Hidayat*), Ariawan WP, Liliek Triyono

Politeknik Negeri Semarang, Jl. Prof Soedarto SH, Semarang, Indonesia



Industrial revolution marked by cyber-physical systems, currently in the form of connectivity humans, machines and data. This term is known as the internet of things (IoT). IoT is a concept where an object has the ability to transfer data through network without requiring human-to-human interaction or human to computer or machine. IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless, sensor and internet network technologies. Utilization of wireless sensor networks (JSN) in rice drying and grinding machines is one form of industrial application 4.0 in the field of agricultural and food mechanization in general. This is because JSN can provide solutions to improve the accuracy of parameter measurements temperature and water content and the ability to monitor and control the whole system (automation) without requiring interaction with humans, to increase production. The problems that arise in the field are (1) the actual moisture content in the grain has not been able to precisely and quickly determined (real time), (2) separate drying and grinding systems has some disadvantages a.l. have to move the drained grain to the grinding machine, increase energy, time and cost. In addition, many grain is wasted due to material handling these causes losses. For this reason, it is necessary to develop an integrated system (integrated) and equipped with multisensors to determine the quality of grain and rice automatically generated. The long-term goal of this research is to produce appropriate technology in the form of a machine Integrated rice dryers and grinders use multisensors to determine quality rice automatically. The specific target to be achieved is the development of multisensors for know the grain moisture content and quality of rice.

Keywords: rice quality; machine learning; sensor network

Topic: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Conference: The 1st International Conference on Innovation in Science Technology (ICIST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Sidiq Hidayat)

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