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Engineering Design and Cost Estimation of Geothermal Brine Utilization for Meeting Room Heating
Allen Haryanto Lukmana1, a), Ristiyan Ragil Putradianto, Bambang Bintarto, Dewi Asmorowati

UPN Veteran Yogyakarta


Geothermal energy utilizes steam from earth subsurface to drive turbines, which then produce electrical energy. The remaining brine from the process will return to the reservoir through injection wells. The brine basically can be utilized before injection, since it has high temperature, for other direct use. This paper aims to analyze the brine as a heat exchanger fluid, and calculate the energy requirements for meeting room heaters, and then determine the design of Heat Exchanger (HE). The meeting room has a 20-cm thick wooden wall, with dimensions of 20103 m3. The room temperature will be set to be 21-27 C. The geothermal source is at 300 m from meeting room and its elevation is 20 m below. The brine temperature that will be utilized is 100 C, and it has 20 gpm and outdoor temperature is 14 C. The result of the design is the fluid flow from the heat source to the output that warms the room. The flow is divided into 4 stages: at the pump, heat exchanger, air transmission and the room. The estimated cost of the heat exchanger is then calculated based on the design.

Keywords: Geothermal energy, Heat Exchanger, estimated cost,

Topic: Petroleum and Geothermal Engineering


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Earth Science, Mineral, and Energy (ICEMINE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (allen haryanto)

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