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A Case Study on Intercultural Communicative Competence in Teaching EYL
Fardini Sabilah

University of Muhammadiyah Malang


The goal of language learning is for learners to gain new knowledge, skills and abilities for understanding and participating in a wide range of intellectual and practical activities. The aim of this sociocultural study is to enable young learners to broaden their communicative experiences and their understanding of the active and creative roles in learning foreign language and cultures. The purpose of this study is to gain better understanding of how young learners relate to foreign cultures and how the intercultural teaching effect on students communicative competence. The design of this study was a qualitative approach by using triangulation technique provided by a semi-structured interviews and observation. The students were the research subjects and the teacher becomes the mediator between two cultures. The ways intercultural communicative competence was developed throughout classes: the teacher 85% used oral input; from 60 to 70% of them use role-plays, task-based activities, written information, online-video, literature and arts whereas using realia, games or decorating the classroom with pictures and charts had a much higher frequency. To sum up, it is evident from the study that in teaching intercultural class, the EYL teacher mostly used interaction activities by using contextual teaching media to create natural environment.

Keywords: sociocultural; intercultural communicative competence; EYL

Topic: International Conference of English Language Teaching, Literature & Linguistics


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Fardini Sabilah)

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