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Development of Aid tool using Arduino uno sensor for Dynamic Fluid at Senior High School
Arini Herdayanti, Rahmatsyah, Sondang R. Manurung

Physics Education, Postgraduate State University of Medan


The purpose of this research is to develop dynamic fluid teaching aids for senior high school. Visualized aid tool based on dynamic fluid material. The methods used in research are the ADDIE development model (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation). This device was designed using the Arduino UNO sensor that can be connected to the sensor, the water flow sensor serves as a discharge meter, the LCD display screen serves the result of the calculation of the water flow sensor, the sensors water work so that water is not abundant in the container, and feeding as on/off. There is a certain height of water faucet that can make the students adjust the height that will be calculated flow discharge, the difference in the height of the stream on the venturimeter and the difference in gas pressure in the pitot tubes. The aid tool also have a worksheet for students. Based on the result of expert validation of aid tool is 86% and the validation of material experts on the students worksheet is 94% and efficiency on learning is 88%. The overall result of the expert validation test gets a good rating so the development of aid tool using the Arduino uno sensor and water flow sensor for dynamic fluid.

Keywords: Research Development, ADDIE, Learning Media, Dynamic Fluid aid,Feasible, Effective.

Topic: Applied Basic Science and Multidisciplinary


Conference: International Conference on Science and Technology Applications (ICOSTA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Arini Herdayanti)

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