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Tri Mardiana, A.Y.N. Warsiki, Sucahyo Heriningsih

UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta


The independent village has become an ideal for every villager, the Village Law No.6 2014 has brought a breath of fresh air to the village, because to realize the development of an independent village is not only obtained from the budget (APBD) but directly from the village ministry (APBN). The creation of good village governance is a must for villages to realize autonomous, accountable and transparent management of village funds. One form of the use of village funds by creating a village business unit in the form of a Village Cooperative (Koperasi) and Village Business Unit (Bumdes), which aims to improve the welfare of the village community, so that village independence is achieved. The formation of village cooperatives and community service units as business units is expected to increase the economic resources of the community in the village. This research uses the method of literature study and discussion by describing it in a related way with village business units in the form of village cooperatives and Bumdes. The results of this study indicate that, village cooperatives, have not maximized the benefits for village development, because those who can enjoy the results of cooperative efforts are only those who are members of cooperatives, while those who are not members of cooperatives cannot enjoy the benefits of village cooperatives. To reduce the weaknesses of village cooperatives, there are alternatives to the establishment of village unit business entities (BUMDes), as a place for various business units that can be developed by villages, such as waste business units, village markets, village tourism, and even village cooperatives to join BUMDes. However, the success of BUMDes requires the participation of all village communities so that the economy of the community in the village can improve and become an independent village.

Keywords: village cooperatives (Koperasi), village unit business entities (BUMDes), independent village

Topic: Regional Economics


Conference: The 1st International Forum On Business And Economy (IFBE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Tri Mardiana)

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