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Analysis of Total Quality Management (TQM) of Vegetable Products at PanenMart Makassar company
Nurliah (a), Mahyuddin (b), Musran Munizu (c)

a. Departement of Agribusiness, Graduate School of Hasanuddin University Makassar
b. Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University Makassar
c. Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Hasanuddin University Makassar
Campus Unhas Tamalanrea, Street Perintis Kemerdekaan KM. 10 Makassar.[at]


The purpose of this study is to analyze the application of Total Quality Management (TQM) of vegetable products in PanenMart Makassar, based on the principles of total quality management (TQM) consisting of customer satisfaction, leadership, increased sustainability, respect for all people and fact based management. Informants were selected purposively, with a total of 11 respondents consisting of: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operation Officer (COO) and 9 employees involved in the procurement, handling and distribution processes. Data processing using descriptive analysis method with a Likert Scale. The results of this study indicate that, the application of Total Quaity management (TQM) implemented by PanenMart Makassar company is prioritizing customer satisfaction over other variables, namely a score of 94,18% with the interpretation of variables very important.

Keywords: Total Quality Management, Analytical Hierarchy Process

Topic: Agriculture system


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Global Issue for Infrastructure, Environment, and Socio-Economic Development (GIESED 2019)

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