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Destriana, Endang Switri, Herri Yusfi

Universitas Sriwijaya


Abstract- The purpose of this study was to develop volleyball game learning techniques that can improve the services learning outcomes of class IX students of junior high school. This research is the basis of research to get learning outcomes that are compatible with the needs of various learning techniques, so this study discusses the development of learning above which is suitable for volleyball games. Research using the Research and Development method using ADDIE design (Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). This research comes to development, with the validation results obtained 82.19% for expert validation Physical education (PE) and 81% for the validation results, the volleyball permanentinan expert, based on the results of the developed technique is approved valid. The findings of the study resulted in 8 service learning techniques, namely the top learning service technique without the ball, one-handed volleyball throwing technique, the service learning technique for volleyball top throwing with the help of a friend, the service learning technique for movement to the wall, the learning service technique for the top with the target, the learning technique and service over distance improvement is expected to increase the variety of top service learning techniques can improve learning outcomes for services on volleyball games.

Keywords: Top Service, Volleyball Games, Physical Education.

Topic: Critical Issue on Gender and Sport Development in Indonesia


Conference: South Borneo International Conference on Sport Science And Education (SBICSSE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Destriana Destriana)

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