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The Role of Religious Values and Entrepreneurial Success Factors on Business Sustainability of Fruit Sellers in Wetlands Area (The Study of Small and Medium Entreprises in Handil Bakti, Barito Kuala)
Hastin Umi Anisah1), Marijati Sangen 2), Meiske Claudia3) Wimby Wandary

Faculty of Economy, Lambung Mangkurat University


The aim of this study is to acquire the empirical evidence of the role of Religious Values and Entrepreneurial Success Perception to business sustainability on Wetland-s MSMEs. The research method employs the quantitative method which designed in conclusive, non-experimental, descriptive and cross-sectional. The research population is the fruit traders which categorized as micro and small-medium enterprises (MSMEs). The sampling technique applied for the study determined by its convenience – the non-probability sampling approaches – in this case were all the fruit traders along the Handil Bakti streets. The census technique includes all of them as research primary data provider. Partial Least Square will be used as the data analysis technique. This study finds that the religious values have significant influence not only on entrepreneurial success perception and but also on MSME-s business sustainability.

Keywords: Religious Values, Entrepreneurial Success Perception, Business sustainability, MSMEs

Topic: Islamic Economics, Business and Accounting


Conference: The 1st International Forum On Business And Economy (IFBE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Hastin Umi Anisah)

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