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Radioactivity and Transfer Factors Study of Natural Radionuclides in Soil and Grass Samples in Lembang Using Gamma Spectrometers
Imam Ghazali Yasmint1,a), Abdul Waris1,b) and Eko Pudjadi2,c)

1)Nuclear Physics Laboratory,
Nuclear Physics and Biophysics, Department of Physics
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bandung Institute of Technology,
Ganesha No. 10 Bandung, Indonesia, 40132

2)Environmental Laboratory,
Subs-section of Environmental Safety, Radioecology Section
Center for Technology of Safety and Radiation Metrology, National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia,
Lebak Bulus Raya No.49 Jakarta, Indonesia, 12440


Today, nuclear technology has become one of the most interesting research objects in the world. With many nuclear reactors operating in the world, both power reactors and research reactors, and the application of nuclear technology in all fields can have a detrimental effect in the form of releasing radioactive material into the environment. Other than that, there are also natural sources of radiation that have emerged naturally due to natural symptoms that occur on earth and radiation that is in the human body (internal radiation). Natural radiation is the biggest contributor to the radiation source that humans received in one year. So it is important to monitor radiation in an area, especially radiation from natural sources. Natural radiation monitoring is carried out by mapping natural radiation of certain areas, so that spots of the area are found which have anomalies in environmental radioactivity. In addition, it is necessary to study radionuclide transfer factors for environmental elements such as soil, plants, etc. This study used an experimental method by measuring radionuclides in several samples. Sampling is done in an area in Lembang. The samples taken were soil and grass, then measured using an ORTEC gamma spectrometer with HPGe detector. Based on the measurement of samples, it can be concluded that in the area there is no anomaly of radioactivity in the environment and still at a safe level of radiation.

Keywords: Gamma Spectrometer, HPGe Detector, Natural Radiation, Soil and Grass Samples, Transfer Factors

Topic: Nuclear Science and Engineering


Conference: Asian Physics Symposium (APS 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Imam Ghazali Yasmint)

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