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Siti mayang Sari; Winning Amintas Kartika Waruwu; Jalalludin

Postgraduate - Universitas Negeri Medan


The research development of this academic portal E-learning is to improve the HOTS of PGSD students as future teachers who are superior, dignified and of character. E-learning is loved by the current Industrial Revolution 4.0 education system. The learning process using the lecture and question and answer method can be done through the academic portal, where lecturers can provide material and students can directly ask and answer in the portal. Less interesting learning system even when students choose to pretend to understand even though they do not understand at all will be overcome by the existence of the academic portal. The culture to ask questions is not very popular with students when learning forums, but with this facility it is easy to learn anytime and anywhere without any time and space limits. With the participation of lecturers in online learning, students learn automatically and can improve HOTS. Data obtained from pretest, questionnaire and posttest. The instrument form is a questionnaire and HOTS items. Subjects in this study were 35 PGSD students with STKIP Bina Bangsa Banda Aceh Learning Psychology courses, from the results of the e-learning device trial an increase occurred on the HOTS of students.

Keywords: e-learning, portal, higher order thingking skill

Topic: Multimedia and Technology Information


Conference: International Conference on Science and Technology Applications (ICOSTA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Siti Mayang Sari)

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