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Study of Vulnerability and Resilience of Coastal Areas from Tsunami in Malang East Java
Zainul Hidayah, Syafrianida Anwar

Trunojoyo University of Madura


Collisions or harsh shifting plates accompanied by an earthquake in the ocean area would pose a potential tsunami. South Coastal Malang is one of the areas prone to tsunamis. This study aims to determine the vulnerability of the area and the resilience of coastal communities Gedangan subdistrict, Malang against tsunami. The method used in the determination of the class of vulnerabilities is weighted overlay with the four elements, namely elevation, slope, distance from the beach and the distance from the river. In the comprehensive results indicate very low susceptibility 188.63 Ha, 7470.46 Ha low, medium 1026.63 Ha, 649.72 Ha high, and very high 201.38 Ha, with a total area of 9536.84 Ha. The method used in the determination of community resilience using CCR (Coastal Community Resilience). CCR method is a method that is performed to determine communities resilience in the face of disaster by distributing questionnaires and scoring. CCR resistance element is composed of government, social and economic life, coastal resource management, structural design and land use, knowledge of the risks, warning and evacuation, emergency response, and recovery after a disaster. RESULTS resistance element that is below standard (3) is a government elements (2,62), social and economic life (2.66), the design of the structure and land use (2.51) and disaster recovery (2.35). Thus the need for recommendations to improve community resilience element so that in accordance with the standards.

Keywords: vulnerability, tsunami, resilience, coastal community

Topic: Environmental Engineering


Conference: International Conference on Life Sciences and Technology (ICoLiST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Zainul Hidayah)

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