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Desrio Windoro 1, Agus Kristiyanto 2, Slamet Riyadi 3.

Science of Sport Postgraduate Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta


This article is intended to determine the instructions of women goalkeepers profiles in the Indonesian futsal League 2019. The method is used is observational by doing observations directly in the Indonesian Futsal Nusantara League. This event was held at Sasana Krida Building at Purwokerto Central Java. The population in the study are 8 women goalkeepers from the clubs who are in the biggest of the fourth. The results as follows:the goalkeeper uses sound while giving the hand symbol and pointing the opponent as a signal to escort the designated opponent 60.63%, when the opponent is in the penalty area, the goalkeeper gives a loud voice command to guard the opponent 17.31%, the goalkeeper gives strict orders to the players 16.35%, the goalkeeper yells while mentioning the opponents jersey number to a teammate to guard the opponent whose jersey number is 3.93%. When giving tactics the goalkeeper teammates whisper something so as not to be heard by opponents as much as 0.78%, and the Goalkeeper communicates with the coach about the match situation as much as 0.78% The type of goalkeepers command in the command type dimension then the goalkeeper uses the word "ready left" "ready right" to command a teammate 32.81%, the goalkeeper uses the word "look at opponent" to keep opponents coming to attack as much 31.38 %, the goalkeeper shouted "goalkeeper" when going to take the ball to avoid colliding with defending 21.89%, the goalkeeper used the word "close" in commanding a teammate for 11.68%, the Goalkeeper uses the word "up" in commanding a teammate 2.18%, and the Goalkeeper uses the word "Come" in ordering a teammate 0%.

Keywords: instruction, women goalkeepers, Indonesian Futsal Nusantara League 2019.

Topic: Critical Issue on Gender and Sport Development in Indonesia


Conference: South Borneo International Conference on Sport Science And Education (SBICSSE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Desrio Windoro)

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