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Factors that Affecting the Intention to Establish Innovative Business Based on Local Resources in Young Generation on North Sulawesi
Christoffel Kojo (a*), Christoffel M. O. Mintardjo (a*), Djeini Maradesa (a), Wensy F. I. Rompas

a) Faculty of Economy and Business, Universitas Sam Ratulangi, Manado, Indonesia *christoffelkojo[at]; christoffelmintardjo[at]


The problem in North Sulawesi is the lack of innovation and creativity of the younger generation, especially in establishing businesses and creating innovative and creative products and services. The importance of this problem is because young people who are able to set up businesses and create innovative products and services will drive the innovation economy in North Sulawesi. To be able to drive the innovation-based economy it is necessary to create many innovative entrepreneurs, especially those based on local resources such as marine affairs, fisheries, tourism. This study aims to investigate the factors that influence the intentions of young people to pursue innovative and creative entrepreneurs based on local resources. The model analyzed includes internal factors, attitude factors towards entrepreneurship and contextual factors. This study involved a sample of 200 young generation respondents in North Sulawesi obtained using a purposive sampling technique. The research method is quantitative with regression analysis and hypothesis testing t test and F test. The results of the study there are several factors that influence the intention of innovative entrepreneurship in the younger generation.

Keywords: Intention; Innovative Business; Local Resources; Young Generation; North Sulawesi

Topic: Entrepreneurship


Conference: Annual International Conference on Management Research (AICMAR 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Christoffel Kojo)

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